Thursday, July 6


Why did we do this?
  1. Blogger seems to break all the time and we're tired of it.
  2. We wanted a URL that wasn't our kid's name.
  3. And, finally, because the kids are getting older and someday we'll want to password protect the blog.

Be sure to bookmark the new URL and change your subscription to the RSS feed if you subscribe through sites like


Blogger Dylan Pike said...

This is a copy of the comment I sent to Uncle Michael.

Uncle Michael,
I gave you a warning to remove the comment from SabastianMom. Now its on. It's time for a little riddle Michael. It's a football riddle, you'll love it! In football a kicker will punt. On the night before yor wedding, what did you call your soon to be wife? Do you C what I mean by DIRTY!

P.S. It ryhmes with punt!
your nephew, Dylan

September 01, 2006 6:50 PM  

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