Friday, April 14

Kids who look like Gwen and Maddy

We've been looking for a new house for nearly a year. It's been hard for several reasons. First of all, we're picky because we already live in a nice house in a great school district. But a two hour daily commute was starting to make my husband grumpy so we decided to branch out and find something new.

In addition to easing the commute, the new house needed to be in a school district where our kids would see faces like theirs.

We found our house <here> and we're happy to report that Gwendolyn and Madeline's new school has a demographic that we're comfortable with. The chart, above, shows the breakout of the various ethnicities (Private school is also an option if these statistics change).

When we first decided to adopt from China, part of our decision was based on the fact that we live in a very ethnically diverse area. In other words, our girls would never be the "only" Asian kid in their 2nd grade class. If that would have been the case, I'm pretty sure we would have picked another country to adopt from and I'm very sure we would have been happy with that choice.

I've been the "odd kid out" in a public school where there were almost no other kids who looked like me (very white, tall, skinny, flat chested). It was not fun. Really, I'm not exaggerating when I say it was Hell. I'd never do that to my child. So Gwen and Maddy will have to deal with lots of things growing up and they'll encounter lots of ignorance and bias and prejudice but they'll never have to be the only Asian kids at their school. We'll actually pack up and move to China before we let that happen!

I respect your right to disagree. This is one of those cases where the parents get to decide. We've decided this is important and we appreciate that some other parents might think it's less important.


Blogger Johnny said...

Dang, there's a lot of my homies there!

But then, California. Figures.

April 14, 2006 6:07 PM  
Blogger MKBookWorks said...

No - I agree with you all the way! We picked the community we live in purposely because of the diversity. It hasn't all been a bed of roses, but my baby is not the only child of her ethnicity, culture or familial status by any stretch. We will have to send her to private school - but again we made a conscious effort to move to an area where even the private schools (non-religious)are diverse and celebrative of the whole range of humanity. I think its wise to think of these things if you possibly can- being from NY (us) or CA (you) can open a range of possibilities. I realize that not everyone can manage that... but to ensure that my daughter has all kinds of role models etc. is important to me and possible for where we live. Some aspects are harder for us.. but we knew what we wanted.

I know its not as easy as that, really I do, but I think making choices that reflect the best of what you want for your children is a great start!

my 2 cents is all...
Mom to Chloe Rose

April 14, 2006 8:49 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

No disagreements here! I really regret that Kieren will be the only Asian child at her school, but we love the school (our son attends now). Maybe things will change for us in the next 5 years. Good job on the research!


April 14, 2006 9:08 PM  
Blogger marilyn & evro said...

I think it's important too, Donna. Good job on doing your homework:) Funny, isn't it, that I think it's important, while my Asian husband does not?!


April 14, 2006 10:22 PM  
Blogger Lauri said...

No disagreements from me! I look at those school pie charts all the time as well. We are very lucky to live in a city with such diversity and some amazing choices for schools on top of it.

April 15, 2006 8:29 AM  
Blogger Kikilia said...

I wish I had this option. But in a small midwest "white" town, it's hard to find a diverse school.

There's a couple of biracial kids in the school and a Korean girl a grade ahead of my India born daughter- but mostly white. My child has even said- "this school needs more brown kids". I can only hope this happens in the next few years.


April 15, 2006 8:55 AM  
Blogger asiangarden said...

Hi, I think it's great that they will have other Asian kids at school, I don't want to put a damper on things, but they may recieve racisim from the Asian kids as well, just for the fact that they are not from an Asian family,it's just a bad thing that does happen, you may want to prepare them for that as well.
Still I do think it's better than being the only Asian child in the whole school!

April 15, 2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger Aimee said...

I gotta laugh. I totally agree with what you are saying,I have a blond hair, super tall, blue eyed daughter. And then I have the super cute Asian daughter. Living in Southern CA, they both fit in!

April 17, 2006 8:10 PM  

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