Sunday, January 22

Why do I blog?

Remember the days of the 110 camera?

20 years ago, I went on vacations and shared holidays and other special times with family and friends and took lots of pictures with my 110 camera. After paying a small fortune to have the film developed (always double prints!), I faithfully put those photos into photo albums and mailed the others to relatives and friends all over the country.

Fast forward to 2006 and I don't have my 110 camera anymore. I don't get film developed anymore either. My relatives can (sadly) confirm that I don't write letters. In fact, if they don't have email, they've not heard from me in years!

So here's how I share our life with friends and family and other people like us: Blogs.

I know my blog is just a drop in the China-adoption-blog bucket (There are sites like China Adoption Stories and Personal China Adoption Stories that confirm this) but I can't think of a better bucket to be in!

I subscribe to 114 blogs (I use and I try very hard to, at least, scan every new post and even manage to comment every once in a while. All of these blogs are about China adoption. In time, I may branch out but this is my obsession de jour so I'm sticking with it. Here's my blogroll (not clickable since some of these blogs are private):

(D)rivvel Supp
~ My Chinese Dream ~
A Single Step
Adopting from China
Adoption Blog
Alexandra 2006
Always in my heart
Amazing Grace
And baby makes three...
Ashley Rose Ring
Baby Girl Bainbridge
Becoming Amelia's Mom
Breanna Grace
Brent & Allie Adventures
Bringing Home Lillie-Kat
Bringing Home Nicholas
Brinley Elizabeth WeiYa
Chasing Kayla
Chasing Sadie
China Adoption News
China Adventures
China Mom To Two
China Moon
Chynna Adoption
clueless in carolina
diana's adoption travel blog
diana's adoption travel blog
Do They Have Salsa in China?
Introducing Olivia
Isabella's Journey
It's All China All the Time
Jenna Joy Elizabeth Wells
Jon and Karen Go To China
Journey to Abigail
Journey to Annalisa
Journey to Charleigh
Journey To Kavanna
Journey to Kaylie
Journey to Mary
Journey to Ms. Hannah
Kat and Colin's Journey to Sophia
Ken, Ellen and Bei in China
Kunstman Family Adoption #2
Kylee Isabella Mapes
Ladybugs and the Red Thread
Lily and Kate
Love Made Real
Loving Lydia
Macy Day
Mae in China
Mager Madness
Maggie Lin Chen
Maggie Makes Four!
Maya's Amazing Journey!
meet maxine
Mia's Story
Missy & Greg's China Adoption Story
Nance Family
News From Hui-Hui's World
Now We Are Six
Once upon a Cadence
Our Adoption Journey
Our China Journey to Lin Wei
Our Emma Adventure
Our Fuling Princess
Our Journey Of Love
Our Journey of Love for Esther
Our Journey to Annabelle
Our Journey to Baby Shanahan
Our Journey to Bring Katie Home
Our Journey to Jadyn
Our Journey to Katie
Our Journey To Kiana
Our Journey to Lacie
Over the Rainbow... to China
Passage to the Heart
Payne Family Adventures
Playdate: Notes from the Trenches
Rhonda and Company
Road to Emily Faith FuBo
samantha blog
San Diego Siegel's
So, it's come down to this
Stay At Home Motherdom (or Mother Dumb???)
The adoption of Morgan Lela
The Bronze Drum
The Chronicles of a China Care Volunteer
The Dragonfly Diaries
The Katie Blog
The Lucky Ones
The Maya Scoop
The Smith Family's Adventures
The Taming of Tenley!
The Teague Family Adoption
Tom and Francine's Brazilian Adventures
Virginia's Blog
Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth
Waiting for Sophie
Wandering Child
Wee Sit Baby
We're paperwork pregnant... and it's a girl!
WhiteMarsh Chronicle
Wright Family Adventures

Eventually, I'll stop posting as much to this blog. After all, there's only so many new experiences I can share with you. For example, the first picture of Gwen feeding herself was really cute but would you want to see it three or four more times? Probably not.

But until I run out of new material, I'll keep sharing and I'll keep looking at my friends blogs too. I'm a Stay At Home Mom and Gwen keeps me very busy but I make time for my blogging friends because they're my link to the outside world. They help me maintain my sanity (and my sense of humor!).

Thanks for your friendship!


Blogger Scott Ocheltree said...

Hey Donna!
That is quite the blog roll! We check in on Gwen and you guys regularly - finally had to start using bloglines to keep up with the sites I follow.

Gwen is SO cute! I love the pix of her with the baby doll, her hair is growing in nicely!

Thanks for blogging.

-Scott O

January 26, 2006 4:53 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

Hi Donna. I hope you keep blogging because I check yours daily! I cannot believe you have 114 blogs that you check! Your insane...LOL (kidding).

Thanks for including mine in one that you watch! Thats nice to know coming from one of the first blogs that I started following.

:-) (and Gwen is just the cutest little thing!! We all need to keep seeing photo's!)

(Journey to Ms. Hannah)

January 26, 2006 5:08 PM  
Blogger Choop said...

I am amazed that you check all your Blogs! and so many. The pictures is my love and I have digitalized everything I own after the tornados where I live. I use this site to store on the Web. Hard drives can crash and the storing on the site is FREE. I hope that some of you will enjoy!

January 26, 2006 6:47 PM  
Blogger Johnny said...

That 110 made me feel very old. Wow! I remember mine!

February 07, 2006 6:17 AM  

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