Tuesday, October 4

Let's back up a little bit

Here's a very early picture of Gwen. This is the picture used for her "finding ad". How old is she? It's hard to say for sure but I looked at pictures of my son at age one and two months and this picture seems to be about there. I'm guessing about 6 weeks old. Remember that Gwendolyn was declared to be one month old when she we found.

It's interesting to see that she appears to be wearing the same shirt in both pictures. She's about 11 months old in the 2nd picture. This was one of our referral pictures.

I wonder what the shirt says? Anyone know?

Update: Thanks to my friend, Eva, here's a translation of the shirt: "It says by sound: Li Lei You Xing Yuei You Wei Lai. That's eight Chinese characters, their literal translation goes like this: Li = benefit, Lei = happiness, You = have, Xing = emotion, Yuei = educate, You = babe, Wei Lai = future. I think Li Lei may mean the orphanage. It says something like: The orphanage cares, teaches baby about the future."

Okay, the shirt is less of a mystery now that I've looked at some pictures of other kids from the Shenzhen SWI. This shirt must have been a bargain when purchased in bulk!


Blogger smallbean said...

The words look like from some Buddhist Scripture. The lotus flower also gives some hints to Buddhism.

October 04, 2005 5:23 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I don't think it's Gwen in that SWI picture, her face is more round than oval. BUT I have always thought it interesting that you chose that beautiful picture on the top left for Gwen's blog, and THAT face and hair look like it can be her a year from now.

October 05, 2005 4:18 PM  
Blogger Bella Maven said...

It sure does look like her.

October 06, 2005 7:51 AM  
Blogger Esther & Emma's Jie Jie said...


We have two pictures of Esther where she is wearing the same shirt. One from last year, and one from this summer. And when you look at one of the pictures, there were about three other children wearing the same shirts too! I saw this too in Emma's orphanage, several of the babies had the same pants.. so they must buy in bulk!

In Esther's care package I included about ten shirts I got for $1 a piece at Gymboree..and they are all the same shirt!

Gwen is such a sweetheart! And the baby in the picture does loo a bit like Gwen.
(I'm actually on my daughter's blog!)

October 06, 2005 10:29 AM  

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