Thursday, September 15

Pearl river cruise

We took a dinner cruise on the Pearl river, which divides Guangzhou into north and south. The north side is the posh section, where the government offices are; the south side is industrial. Much of the river is lined with large office buildings which are brightly lit with many colors at night, and the view is beautiful. There used to be a number of ferrys which would take people over the river, but the government has limited boat traffic on the river to cruises, so the water is pretty quiet. Many of the bridges are impressively architected, and also lit garishly for the night.

I won't say much about the food. It gives one a sense of global community to know that river cruiseship managers the world over have read the same rulebook requiring food to be nasty, clammy, overcooked, and generally inedible in a sense that transcends culture and ethnicity, to focus clients' attention on the scenery outside.

Gwen had a great time running around on the deck -- we'll post a few pictures separately.


Blogger Karen said...

Gwen looks so adorable with everything she does!! Her personality just bubbles over. It's obvious that she's going to be a social butterfly!

On a side note Donna, have you noticed that Gwen looks remarkably like the little girl you'd pasted on the left of this blog, when you first created it? Kind of a good way.

September 15, 2005 10:54 PM  

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