Friday, July 29

Where's the FedEx Guy?

I've been waiting all day for Gwen's picture to arrive via FedEx from USAA. Every time I hear anything remotely sounding like a FedEx truck, I jump up and run to the door! So far, I've greeted the trash truck, the #31 City Transit bus, the yard trimmings collection truck, and the mailman.

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(Later) Hey! Look who finally showed up!? I actually chased this nice FedEx guy down and made him back up the truck and get out and pose for this picture! I told him he was "delivering" our baby girl (in that envelope) and he needed to pose just like any proud Obstetrician would! He seemed very happy to play a part in this wonderful journey. (Pictures of Gwen below)


Blogger Karen said...

LOL that poor FedEx guy! He probably made a note to self not to ever take that delivery route again.
It really is awesome to see Gwen's face, Donna. I'm thrilled for you!

July 29, 2005 6:27 PM  

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