Saturday, July 16

Ladybug sighting!

Ladybug Sighting!

Today, while driving to the mall, a ladybug landed on our windshield! This was the first time in my life that I can remember a ladybug landing on my car and I really got all goose-bumpy and excited imagining the hidden significance such an event!

I pointed at the ladybug and shrieked "Do you know what that means?" and Andrew thought I was pointing at a road sign and calmly attempted to explain its meaning to me and I pointed more vigorously and shrieked louder "No! Look! Loooook! --- It's a ladybug!" Then I tried to hurry up and explain how important it was that we pull off the road and retrieve the camera from the trunk and get a photograph of this for Gwen's baby book.

We managed to snap the picture although we were nearly hit by a bus! But we weren't actually hit by the bus because - after all - a ladybug sighting is a lucky thing!


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