Monday, April 4

Ahhhh! Baby dolls!

I don't know if Gwen will like babydolls but Mommy sure does!

I spent the better part of a month looking for the perfect doll and found three! These little cuties arrived in the mail today.

They are (from left to right) Corolle Kim with pigtails, Doucette Cherry, and Corolle Calin Yang. We got them from and they're more precious in person than we could have ever imagined. They smell (faintly) of vanilla and they have soft bodies so they're super snuggly. Best yet, they're machine washable! (put them in a pillowcase and wash on gentle cycle).

These might be the only dolls Gwen ever has and that's why they were a special purchase. There were lots to choose from but only a few that were both super good quality and super cute!

Looking at dolls was a tough job but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!


Blogger Andrea and/or Jeff said...

Donna, I just love the Corolle dolls myself! I acquired even more than you before we got her, and just bought a few more. I thought they'd probably not look all that much like her (maybe a little Eurasian looking), but it turns out they are a very close resemblance. She sleeps with the 12" baby doll, and we keep posing the dolly like her in sleep. So cute! See my blog at:
Andrea, USAA group 102

July 21, 2005 11:47 PM  

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