Thursday, October 20

Bad Kitty!

Don't let her adorable face fool you. This is a bad kitty!

She let herself into Gwen's room last night by jumping at the door knob and opening it! Then she got in Gwen's crib and meowed and turned up her feline charm and woke the little sleeping baby up!


Did Gwen cry? No way! She PLAYED with kitty and got all wide awake! Mommy tossed bad kitty out of Gwen's room and tried to get Gwen back to sleep but that didn't happen until 5:00 AM since Bad Kitty was meowing in the hall to be let back into Baby's room for more fun!

Bad, Bad, BAD Kitty! (but we love her anyway)


Blogger Mrs. D said...

"Oh, my," thinks kitty, "They finally heard my pleas and got me a baby all of my very own! What's next: a teddy bear stuffed with catnip? I love my humans!"

October 21, 2005 7:24 PM  

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