Thursday, November 18

Shaving the cat...

Tonight we put all of our documents into an envelope and addressed it to USAA! Tomorrow, I'll go to the post office and mail it! This is a huge step since it's the culmination of so much work all wrapped up in one envelope. It was really satisfying to put those forms in order and paperclip the entire thing and slide it into the big envelope! What a huge relief to have that done! Now it's up to USAA to authenticate everything and send it off to China. If things go according to plans, we'll be DTC on January 1st!


While I'm typing this, our 16 year old son is playing with our loveable (but grossly overweight) cat named Blue. He's looking at the inflatable baby bathtub we bought last weekend and he wants to put the cat in it but, of course, he knows I won't allow it and he also knows that the cat is sure to not allow it! He really loves the cats and is very kind to them but he loves to goof around so he says "Cats don't like getting their fur wet, right?" to which I reply "That's right." Then he grins and asks "So if we shave Blue, do you think he'd like going in this bathtub?"

My kid totally cracks me up! He's gonna make such a fun big brother to this little girl!!


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