Saturday, November 6

The inspiration for the nursery...

I went to Pottery Barn Kids today and bought the toddler blanket we've been looking at for several weeks now. I think we'll bring this with us to China. It's small and snuggly and I think Gwendolyn will love being wrapped up in it! Last night, I threw it on top of my other blankets and slept under it. Today I'm going to take it to Home Depot and find some paint that compliments it and think about which walls in her bedroom can be painted an accent color. I'm not sure if we want to go with pink or green. Pink is very "girly" and cute but green is less predictable for a girls room and might knock the sugar level down a few notches! After we paint, I'll hand paint some details around the room. There are stitching details on this bedding that would look cute on the walls.


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